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Introducing the most transformative application to hit the market combining your love for food and videos!

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Get The Most Out of Being Social

Monetize Your Video Reviews With Your Personal Brand

View & Post Extraordinary Video Reviews

Explore New & Exciting Restaurants

Search Top Rated Restaurants Near You & In Other Cities

Finding The Perfect Restaurant

Seeing thousands of videos inside your local restaurants combined with an algorithm that will help you decide what restaurants are top notch provides ease of choice when deciding where to eat!

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Your Pockets Will Rejoice Over These Features*

Premium User

This comes with all the perks and goodies! Take advantage of deals, coupons, discounts and even private events exclusive to Colorly. You also get first dibs to try out new features.

Get Paid

As part of our revenue sharing model, you can earn some serious coin for being active and sharing your reviews on our platform. The more hype your viewers are, the more you make.

Brand Accelerator

Enjoy our Brand Accelerator program and link up with a personal talent manager who will seek and find amazing opportunities for you to make money with top brands.

Secret Foodie

Incognito mode for the foodie has just arrived! Go undercover and explore restaurants looking for meaningful feedback. Oh get compensated as well.


Sure..You Have Likes

But Do You Have Flavor?

When our amazing users see your videos, they have the option to give you FLAVOR! Flavor is the equivalent of liking or giving hearts on other social platforms but, of course, we had to spice it up a bit. Submit your video review and watch how much flavor you get!


Elevating user experience

The ONLY application that seamlessly integrates reviewing, restaurant discovery, and exciting short-form video.

Our Purpose

We aim to provide an amazing application to help foodies from across the globe find new and exciting places to eat, share moments, and make memories. We strive for a cohesive foodie world without boundaries where every walk of life and skin color can enjoy the beautiful cultural differences seen in every cuisine.

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Our Plan

Our primary goal is to get our application in the hands of as many users as possible. Maximizing our footprint will allow us to analytically discover important user behaviors that will allow us to better serve the public. Think about soon asking your Amazon Alexa device or Google Home Mini to open Colorly and suggest a restaurant. Then Colorly provides you with just what you were looking for. You asked for Diversity & Inclusion. You asked for Good Food. And based on the consensus from your peers and your personal taste preferences, Colorly delivered! The future is bright…or deep fried… if that’s what you like! 😉

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Our Pleasure

Building an awesome app and drooling over the crazy delectable videos is great, but we find true joy in helping others. That’s why we are dedicated to give back and fight hunger alongside one of the best charity organizations.

For every video review that is submitted on our platform, we will be giving to Feeding America©. When you eat, someone else eats too!

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Our Promise

Raising this platform will take a foodie village and we are listening. We promise that we will improve our features and usability. So we dedicate our efforts to becoming the best foodie app in the world based upon your preferences and ideas one bite at a time!

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